Workers Compensation Retaliation

Minnesota Workers Compensation Retaliation LawyersDid you get injured on the job but your boss is interfering with your attempt to get workers compensation benefits?

Were you terminated by your employer after you applied for or received workers compensation benefits?

Madia Law Protects Victims of Workers Compensation Retaliation or Interference

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, Madia Law can help. We’ve fought and won tough battles for employees against some of the largest employers in the country.

Minnesota and Wisconsin law guarantees that injured employees have the right to seek workers compensation benefits without interference or retaliation from their employers. If an employer tries to persuade or convince you not to apply for benefits – or worse, terminates you after you apply for workers compensation benefits – that employer has broken the law.

Oftentimes, employers will claim that an employee was terminated for a reason other than his or her application for workers compensation benefits when, in fact, the real reason was workers compensation. Madia Law has lots of experience dealing with this scenario. Once the employer has stated its supposed reason for termination, we take that reason and compare it to other employees in the same place as my client. Most of the time, other employees who still have their job have done the exact same thing that the employer says motivated it to terminate my client. Once we’ve established that fact, employers usually want to settle the case rather than explain the real reason for discipline or termination of my client.

You May Be Entitled to Lost Wages and Attorney Fees

If you have been the victim of workers compensation interference or retaliation, you may be entitled to back pay and front pay damages and your attorney fees and costs.

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You must act quickly when it comes to filing a claim for workers compensation interference or retaliation. If you wait, there may be strict statutes of limitation that will bar you from filing a claim against your employer. Call Madia Law today to discuss your case. All consultations are free.