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What are the different types of medical malpractice?

Baby in the hospital


A doctor or nurse commits malpractice when they fail to notice signs of trouble or act quickly when emergencies arise during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. Brain injuries, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injuries, Erb’s palsy, and nerve damage are common birth injuries that often result from malpractice. These injuries necessitate very expensive medical treatment, sometimes spanning a lifetime. More important, this type of negligence dramatically impacts the child and the parents’ quality of life, and inflicts needless suffering.

Medical laboratory specialist with a test tube


Understanding your symptoms and health history, and performing the proper tests to arrive at the correct diagnosis is amongst the most important parts of a doctor’s job. It is vitally important, for the medical care of all of us, that doctors perform a proper differential diagnosis, and eliminate the most serious possibilities first, before proceeding to less serious conditions. Sometimes physicians fail to do this. They may take incomplete medical histories, ignore symptoms for more serious medical conditions – including cancer, stroke, or infections, or fail to order necessary tests (because they jump to conclusions about your condition without going through the steps of differential diagnosis that they are taught in medical school). This leads to a delayed diagnosis or worse – a missed diagnosis – that can have very serious consequences for the patient.



A wrong-site surgery occurs when a doctor amputates the wrong arm or leg, or operates on the wrong part of the body. Surgical negligence also includes the use of unsanitary tools; failing to promptly identify infections; leaving gauze, clamps or other medical instruments inside a person; perforating (piercing) bowels; or puncturing an organ. Surgical errors also includes when doctors cut veins, muscles, or organs that they shouldn’t when performing a surgery.

Emergency action on night shift


Emergency rooms are chaotic, and medical professionals often have to make split-second decisions. Regardless, these professionals are still held to a high standard of care for their patients. In fact, the chaotic nature of their job makes it imperative that ER doctors are held to a higher standard for care.

Surgeon adjusting oxygen mask on patient mouth in operation theater


Anesthesia is a medication that prevents patients from feeling pain during medical procedures. Complications caused by anesthesia errors include nausea, vomiting, post-operative pain, serious long-term injuries, and even death. Anesthesia errors can also happen during dental procedures and may prove costly.

lot of colorful medication and pills


If a doctor prescribes the wrong drug or dosage, or fails to note serious drug allergies, the consequences can be severe.  Pharmacists also owe a duty of care to fill prescriptions with the correct medications.

Children Xray Scanning


Radiology entails the capturing and interpretation of medical imaging for the diagnosis of injuries and diseases. If your treating physician bases your treatment plan on an incorrect radiologic test result, it could either worsen a condition or leave it untreated. These procedural negligence or mistakes in interpreting and communicating test results are costly and pose dire consequences.

Afro woman holding belly, sitting on bed at home


Bowel injuries frequently happen when a surgeon or another healthcare provider mishandles instruments that are necessary for an abdominal or gynecological surgical procedure. When someone suffers a severe bowel injury because of a surgeon’s negligence, it is extremely important to seek help from a Minneapolis bowel injury lawyer who has experience representing injured patients.


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