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Aug. 2011: Madia Law wins jury trial on behalf of small business sued by one of Minnesota’s largest firms.

One of Minnesota’s largest law firms filed a class action lawsuit against a Minneapolis small business, alleging violations of the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act and Payment of Wages Act.  The firm sought over $2,000,000 in damages and refused to settle for anything less, apparently hoping that the costs of litigation would force the small business to settle the case.

No such luck.  Madia Law represented the business and, after a two week jury trial in Hennepin County District Court, the jury ruled against the firm on three out of five claims and awarded a verdict of just over $15,000.

Please note that every case is different, with its own unique facts. Just because Madia Law achieved a certain result in this case does not mean that you will obtain the same result in your case. You should contact Madia Law to discuss your business litigation case in detail and get an accurate assessment of its value.