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We’re trial lawyers. Our core competency – above everything else – is trying cases to juries. And we specialize in beating giants.

Potential Clients

First, contact our office and tell one of our amazing legal assistants or paralegals about your situation. Everything you tell them is kept strictly confidential. They’ll talk with you for about 5-10 minutes and get some basic information about you and your potential case. If you have this information handy, it will allow us to proceed more quickly.

For example, if you’re calling about an employment matter, we will want to know who you worked for, what kind of work you did, for how long worked there, how much you earned, if/when you were terminated, the reason given by your employer for any discipline and termination, and why do you think your employer did something unlawful or wrongful. 

We will review the information and a member of our staff will get back to you shortly – usually within a day. Our lawyers are generally focused on legal work in current cases and are unable to take the high volume of calls our office receives each day, but rest assured that Ashwin will personally review the information you share with our staff.

We are only able to take a very small number of cases. If we cannot help you, you should contact other attorneys, agencies, and organizations. The fact that we cannot represent you is by no means an indication that your concerns aren’t legitimate or that you don’t have a case. Someone else may be better suited for your situation or simply have more bandwidth.

If we think that we might be able to help you, we’ll set an appointment for you to talk with one of our lawyers. We’ll discuss your potential case with you and give you our assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. Before that call, please be sure to have all relevant documents that you have in your possession. For example, if your case is employment law related, that could include:  pay-stubs, personnel files, employment handbooks/policies, letters from your employer (including your termination letter), any text messages or emails that you think are important, and any other documents that you think might be helpful.

If we then mutually agree that Madia Law will represent you, we will send you a retainer agreement. After the agreement is fully executed, we will advise you how to proceed. Usually, we begin an extensive intake process in which we work with you to gather the information and materials that are necessary for our representation of you and will best prepare us for your case.