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We’re trial lawyers. Our core competency – above everything else – is trying cases to juries. And we specialize in beating giants.


Because we can get you a better result at a better price.  With a trial focus, we build our case from Day 1 with an eye towards what will persuade a jury.  We’re not going to waste our time or your money on petty discovery disputes over thousands of meaningless documents.  Most of our biggest trial verdicts and best results have come against the largest firms in Minnesota.  We routinely go up against them and beat them – not because they’re bad lawyers, but rather because their business model makes them spend endless hours billing you on things that will not matter to a jury.  We’re a different kind of firm with a very different philosophy.

Partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, trademark infringement or other intellectual property disputes, unfair competition or other anti-competitive behavior, property damage – you name it.  Business litigation basically encompasses most types of legal disputes involving one or more companies.

Yes.  We love to work contingency, flat-fee, or blended arrangements that tie fees to success.