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We’re trial lawyers. Our core competency – above everything else – is trying cases to juries. And we specialize in beating giants.

Our Strategy

Most law firms fear juries and make every effort to avoid trial. Our strategy is different. We are experienced trial attorneys. Our practice reflects our philosophy.

Our strategy is to put defendants in the horns of a dilemma, where their only options are bad for them: they can either: 1) settle and pay for every dime of damage they did to our clients (bad for defendants); or: 2) try the case to a jury with us and risk the jury’s verdict (very bad for defendants).

The way that we get defendants to that point is by preparing for trial from the start.  This takes a lot of time, focus, and energy, so we take fewer cases than most lawyers.  (Please don’t be offended if we can’t take your case.  There are many cases where people have been wronged that we’d love to take, but can’t, because we are committed to absolute excellence in all of our cases and for all of our clients, which means we have to take less cases than other firms).

Once we have a case, we leave no stone unturned in discovery.  We typically take at least 5-10 depositions and send out several sets of requests for production of documents, interrogtories, and requests for admission.  We’ll retain 1-2 experts on damages and build a solid record to protect the case on summary judgment.  After the defense loses that summary judgment motion, the value of your case skyrockets.  When, at the beginning of the case, a defendant may have only offered a few thousand dollars, typically after losing their motion for summary judgment, a defendant will offer several hundred thousand dollars to avoid trial.

And if it doesn’t, that’s even better, because then we can try your case to a jury and get real justice.

Madia takes pride in obtaining exceptional results on your behalf. We would be honored to represent you.