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Minneapolis Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

We’re trial lawyers. Our core competency – above everything else – is trying cases to juries. And we specialize in beating giants.


Client Testimonials

Madia Law delivers!

Competence, I demand competence. Ashwin and Zane digested all the elements of my case, a complex case with a plethora of moving parts yet distilled it down to its essence. Don’t be a victim, stand strong, keep your nose clean and give Sara a call at Madia Law.

– Robert Roswick

Client Testimonials

If you’re reading this, it’s awful that you are in a position right now where you are online searching for an attorney. I searched online as you are perhaps doing now, read some reviews and settled on an attorney after doing some research. I’ll never forget how blown away I was after my first meeting with Ashwin Madia. I was fortunate to have this man represent me. . I am eternally grateful.

No need to search any longer. You’ve found the right lawyer.

– Kevin K

Client Testimonials

I was referred to Ashwin Madia when it became evident that my case was going to jury trial. He is definitely an expert as a trial lawyer. I found him to be very straightforward, no nonsense, a clear communicator, and I was pleased with the outcome he brought at trial. I would recommend him, and I would go to him again to represent me if the need ever arises.

– Jennifer Peters

Client Testimonials

I would encourage you to spend some time reading Mr. Madia’s impressive bio. If that doesn’t have you convinced, I will tell you that as someone who spent over 19 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a better trial lawyer than Ashwin. His passion, expertise, ethical commitment, and his incredible memory of the facts, were some of the major reasons I prevailed in my discrimination lawsuit against my employer.Thanks again!

– Pete Gregerson