Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

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If you’ve worked for your employer for over a year, you have the right under the Family and Medical Leave Act to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to deal with medical issues for you and your family. This includes taking time for the birth and care of a child, taking time to care for your spouse or child suffering from a serious medical condition, and taking time to get the medical treatment you need for your own medical condition. Employers may not interfere with your right to take medical leave or retaliate against you for exercising that right. We represent employees who have had their federal rights violated by some of the largest and most powerful employers in the country.

Representative Case

“Maria” worked for 15 years as a cashier for a large company with operations in Minnesota.  She unexpectedly suffered a seizure that required 3 weeks of hospitalization.  During that time, she and her family consistently communicated her medical situation to her employer.  In order to avoid its obligation to allow Maria the medical leave guaranteed by the Family and Medical Leave Act, her employer concocted a story that Maria voluntarily quit the day before her seizure – after 15 years of employment.

Madia Law represented Maria and filed suit.  Her employer quickly did the right thing and paid Maria damages equal to two years’ worth of pay.

You are Entitled to Your Lost Wages and Damages

If your employer violated your FMLA rights, you may be entitled to lost wages and benefits, actual monetary losses, liquidated damages up to double your actual damages, and your attorney fees and costs.

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