Trial Attorneys

Minneapolis Employment LawyerAshwin Madia

I am a trial lawyer. I fight for justice on behalf of individuals going through hard times against some of the largest corporations in the country. I started my own practice because I believe in the rights of individuals to have a tough advocate in their corner. I’ve been honored to win fights on behalf of people who suffered disability discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, sexual harassment, and age discrimination.

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Joshua A. Newville

I am a Minnesota and Wisconsin trial lawyer. I focus on employment law, discrimination, wage and hour class/collective actions, qui tamwhistleblowers, business litigation, and rights and liberties pursuant to the Constitution.  I went to law school to be a voice for those who have been treated in ways that shock the conscience, and it has been my privilege to do so at Madia Law.  I’m exceptionally proud of our practice areas and thoroughly enjoy my work.

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