Minneapolis Employment LawyerAshwin Madia

Ashwin is a trial lawyer. He fights for justice on behalf of individuals going through hard times against some of the largest corporations in the country. He started Madia Law because he believes in the rights of individuals to have a tough advocate in their corner. He’s been honored to win fights on behalf of people who suffered disability discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, sexual harassment, and age discrimination.

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Joshua A. Newville

Joshua Newville is a civil trial attorney focusing on employment, business, and civil rights litigation. Josh is a passionate advocate for victims of discrimination and unfair treatment. Josh is presently the lead attorney representing thirteen same-sex couples in historic challenges to North and South Dakotas’ bans on same-sex marriage.

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Zack RosenZachary Rosen

Zachary Rosen is an Illinois attorney advising Madia Law on its Illinois business litigation matters. Zack also serves in a Law Clerk capacity for Minnesota employment law matters. A recent graduate of The George Washington University Law School, Zack is developing his litigation skills.

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