Why Madia Law?


You need and want a TRIAL LAWYER.  Many lawyers claim to be trial lawyers but have never actually tried a case in front of a jury.  That’s a critical skill in employment cases – you need a lawyer who knows the courtroom and is eager to get your case in front of a jury.  We’ve tried hundreds of cases and dozens of jury trials – we know our way around a courtroom and love trying cases.  If your employer is willing to do the right thing and settle for a fair amount that’s acceptable to you, then of course we’ll settle the case.  But if not, rest easy knowing that you’ve got a trial lawyer in your corner.  More … >

Attorney Profiles

JAshwinMadiaAshwin Madia

Ashwin is a trial lawyer. He fights for justice on behalf of individuals going through hard times against some of the largest corporations in the country. He started Madia Law because he believes in the rights of individuals to have a tough advocate in their corner. He’s been honored to win fights on behalf of people who suffered disability discriminationracial discriminationsexual orientation discriminationsexual harassment, and age discrimination.      Read more >

JoshuaANewvilleJoshua A. Newville

Joshua Newville is a civil trial and appellate attorney focusing on employment, business, and civil rights litigation. Josh is a passionate advocate for victims of discrimination and unfair treatment. Josh was the lead attorney in historic challenges to North and South Dakotas’ bans on same-sex marriage.      Read more >


CodyJBladesCody J. Blades

Cody Blades is a civil trial and appellate attorney focusing on business and employment, disputes, securities litigation, and police misconduct. Cody joined Madia Law after a judicial clerkship on the Minnesota Court of Appeals.     Read more >




Joshua Newville spoke to Fox 9 News regarding a federal civil rights lawsuit Madia Law is bringing against the State of South Dakota for its discriminatory ban on same-sex marriages.

KeloKELO Radio interviewed Joshua Newville and South Dakota’s Attorney General regarding Madia Law’s federal lawsuit challenging South Dakota’s same-sex marriage ban.

Washington PostThe Washington PostThe Pioneer Press, The Advocate, The Rapid City Journal, The Star Tribune, The Washington Times, and others, report on Madia Law’s pending marriage equality lawsuit against the State of South Dakota and quote Joshua Newville regarding the federal class action civil rights litigation.

The DishAndrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish quotes Joshua Newville regarding the results of the November 2012 election and marriage equality in Minnesota and beyond.


Minnesota Public Radio quotes Ashwin Madia regarding Minnesota’s proposed voter ID amendment.

Minnesota Lawyer reports on Madia Law’s $1.3 million jury verdict for a disabled physician deprived of shares.

Minnesota Public Radio quotes Joshua Newville regarding Minnesota’s proposed marriage amendment.

St. Paul Wrongful Termination LawyersPioneer Press reports on Ashwin Madia’s successful jury verdict for excessive force against the St. Paul Police Department.

Minneapolis Wrongful Termination LawyersStar Tribune reports on Madia Law’s $35,000 punitive damages verdict against St. Paul Police Department.

Minnesota Sexual Harassment LawyersAshwin Madia spoke to Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC about illegal foreclosures by big banks on the homes of U.S. servicemembers and their families.

Minneapolis Employment Lawyers Ashwin Madia spoke on December 14, 2011 to Fox 9 KMSP regarding the return of American forces from Iraq.

Minnesota Sexual Harassment LawyersAshwin Madia spoke to Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC regarding casualties in Afghanistan.

Minnesota Sexual Harassment LawyersAshwin Madia appeared on The Ed Schultz Show on June 22, 2011 to discuss American policy in Afghanistan.

Minnesota Sexual Harassment LawyersAshwin Madia appeared on The Dylan Ratigan Show on March 31, 2011 to discuss the importance of achieving energy independence.

Minnesota Sexual Harassment LawyersAshwin Madia appeared on MSNBC on February 2, 2011 to discuss JP Morgan Chase’s illegal foreclosures on the homes of US military servicemembers in violation of the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act.

St. Paul Employment LawyersPioneer Press reports on Madia’s successful efforts to hold slumlords accountable to tenants for appalling living conditions.

Minnesota Sexual Harassment LawyersOn December 9, 2010, Ashwin Madia was quoted in the New York Times regarding the failure of Congress to repeal “Don’t, Don’t Tell”.

Minneapolis Employment Lawyers Madia Law represents police officer fired from St. Cloud police department because of sexual orientation. An ex-St. Cloud police officer has sued his former department for alleged discrimination.