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When Police Officers Have Sex with Minors.

A Minor Cannot Consent to Sex.

Minors under the age of 18 can’t consent to sex with adults under Minnesota state law.  An adult over the age of 22 who has sex with someone younger than 18 has engaged in statutory rape.  That includes police officers: police officers and law enforcement officials may not have sex with women under the age of 18.

Police Departments and Counties that Employ Police Officers are Liable for Their Behavior.

When a police officer abuses the trust placed in him by having sex with a minor, he will likely be criminally charged and go to jail.  In addition, however, the police department and County may be held civilly liable for money damages for the officer’s behavior.  You and your family can sue the police departments to recover for the sexual assault and emotional distress associated with the officer’s behavior.  The Department may be held vicariously liable for the officer’s sexual misconduct and harassment, and be forced to pay your family monetary damages to compensate for the officer’s misconduct.

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