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Steps to Filing a Car Accident Claim in Minnesota

Steps to Filing a Car Accident Claim in Minnesota

After getting into a wreck that wasn’t your fault, you might realize you’ve suffered some damages. Bruises, broken bones, dented bumpers, deployed airbags—these are all costs you could be dealing with now that you’ve been hit by another driver. It’s frustrating. When it all stems from another person’s negligence, it’s likely that you want justice.

That’s when you decide you want to file a car accident claim to get compensation for all the costs you’ve incurred from your wreck. You’re not alone in this—many people decide to file a car accident claim after an auto wreck in Minnesota.

At Madia Newville LLC, our car accident lawyer will guide you through this process. But you probably want to know what a claim entails beforehand so you understand what you’re getting into. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of steps to filing a car accident claim in Minnesota so you’re fully informed.

Filing a Police Report in Minnesota

One of your first steps immediately following a car accident, whether you’re planning to file a car accident claim or not, should be filing a police report. When there’s been over $1,000 worth of damage, you have 10 days to file a police report for a car accident in Minnesota. This step is essential because it is the first record of your crash happening.

When the police arrive on the scene, they’ll take a look at what happened and record who they think was at fault. They’ll take statements from you, the other driver, and any other witnesses to get a clear idea of who caused the wreck and how much damage has resulted.

Their report will provide proof that the collision happened, different accounts of the events to get a full scope of what happened, and their decision of who they think caused the wreck and how. This can help you later when you decide to file a car accident claim because you’ll have firm proof of the event.

From there, you can take pictures, gather evidence, and visit a medical professional to get more documentation of the damages you suffered from the accident. You’ll also want to talk to your insurance company to tell them what happened. After all that, you will want to call an attorney to meet.

Meeting with Your Injury Attorney

Once you have all those details in line, you’ll want to schedule a meeting with a car accident lawyer so you can discuss your claim and your options moving forward. You’ll want to bring all the evidence you have to your meeting so your attorney can get a full scope of what happened from the start.

Evidence like your medical records, medical bills, lost wages, police reports, witness statements, and any other documentation you have of what happened will be crucial in filing your car accident claim. They’ll all help prove you weren’t at fault, prove the other party’s fault, and give a firm calculation of how much you’re owed in damages.

When you have a car accident attorney on your side, you’ll have support in filing your legal claim, but you’ll also have support through the insurance process as well. You might not know how to deal with insurance claim adjusters or who to file with, and a lawyer can guide you through that process and coach you on how to talk to adjusters.

When you’ve been in an accident in Minnesota and need legal help, Madia Newville is here to provide that for you. We have experience representing car accident victims and know how to build you the strongest claim possible.

The Statute of Limitations

One of the most important parts in the process of filing a car accident claim is ensuring you file within the statute of limitations in your state. In Minnesota, we have six years to file for car accident claims. This means that after the date of your collision that caused you injuries and damages, you have six years to file a claim.

If you wait longer than six years, your claim will be denied and you will not be able to recover compensation for what you’ve endured. That’s why it’s important to know the statute of limitations and file within the timeline so that you have the best chance possible at receiving compensation. Statutes of limitations in Minnesota vary and can be confusing, which is why having a car accident lawyer on your side is essential.

Speaking with a car accident lawyer early on after your accident can ensure you file within a timely manner. At Madia Newville, we’re knowledgeable about the law and know where you are in the timeline for filing. We’ll make sure you have a solid claim that is filed within the time limits set by law.

Madia Newville Can Represent You

When you’ve been in a collision that wasn’t your fault, you’re likely wondering how you’re going to recover what you’re owed for the damages you’ve suffered as a result. Our car accident lawyers are here to help you with just that. We’re here to represent you in your car accident claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

At Madia Newville, we understand how vulnerable you might feel after a collision. That’s why we’re dedicated to making you feel as comfortable as possible in your claim. Reach out to our office so we can get started working for you right away.