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Small Business Wins $350,000 Settlement in Insurance Payout Suit

Another attorney brought us in to help represent a small business, “Work Inc,” on insurance payout claims after its insurer refused to pay for covered losses the company faced. 

Work Inc. had business insurance that protected against a range of potential expenses. Their specific plan protected business property and necessary items for business income. 

Unfortunately, one of Work Inc.’s facilities was broken into and stolen from. The company lost equipment such as computers, tools, hardware, production instruments, and a vehicle. Following the theft, Work Inc. submitted insurance claims to their insurer. Of the items stolen and damage caused, the insurance investigation determined that they covered a loss of approximately $120,000. Once the investigation finished, the insurance company had up to 30 days to pay out the losses, as was required in the policy Work Inc. had purchased. 

Nearly two years later, Work Inc. still had not been compensated for their original theft losses. None of their lost equipment had been replaced, nor had they paid for the business losses that Work Inc. incurred while they waited for their equipment to be replaced. The insurance company didn’t offer any explanation for the delay in replacement or payment, and instead wasted time by taking months to depose employees of Work Inc. and request documents from them. While waiting for the insurance company to fix the situation, Work Inc. was forced to outsource their production, because they no longer had the equipment to fulfill orders. This meant that they were unable to oversee quality production, and lost customers as a result. In short, Work Inc. lost actual equipment and then faced additional business losses because their business was no longer able to operate well for close to two years. 

We submitted a demand letter on behalf of Work Inc. to the insurance company, telling them that they would likely lose a suit, as they were failing to follow their insurance policy guidelines. The insurance company settled with us for $350,000 early in the suit. 

We were honored to represent Work Inc. and fight for their business.