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Sexual Assault and Harassment at Work.

You Have the Right to Work Without Fear of Sexual Assault and Harassment in Minneapolis.

Federal law, Minnesota state law, and Minneapolis City Ordinance Title 7 all prohibit sexual harassment at work.  That includes hostile work environment sexual harassment and quid pro quo sexual harassment.  We’ve talked a lot about those claims – you can click here and here to learn more about them.

But you should also know that you have additional potential claims available for sexual assault at work.  Sometimes, if the employer didn’t have notice about the offender’s behavior, it can get out of liability for sexual harassment claims.  But you still have the assault and battery claim against the offender for sexual abuse and assault – and you can hold the employer liable for the offender’s behavior.

Minneapolis Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse at Work Lawyers.

You can sue the employee who sexually assaulted or abused you at work for assault and battery.  Most of the time, this wouldn’t be worth it because the employee probably doesn’t have enough money to satisfy any judgment that you obtained.  However, under the doctrine of vicarious liability and respondeat superior, you can hold your employer responsible for its employees’ behavior.  It doesn’t matter if your employer knew of the offender’s behavior or not, or was negligent in any way.  The only thing that matters is whether sexual assault was a “well known hazard” in your field.  If yes, then the law says that your employer may be held responsible for what the offending employee did to you.

We can usually establish that an offender’s behavior was a “well known hazard” by retaining an expert in the field who can comment on it and write an expert report.

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If you’ve been sexually assaulted or abused at work, you don’t have to live with it.  You can seek financial compensation for what happened to you.

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