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May 2009: Introducing Madia Law

Minnesota Employment, Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Dear Friends,

I am excited to inform you that I am starting a new business venture, Madia Law LLC – a dynamic and aggressive law firm that will serve Minnesota individuals and small businesses.

As many of you know, I’m a trial lawyer by training.  I’ve had the honor of fighting and winning tough battles on behalf of a very diverse group of people, including: battered women seeking protection, unemployed workers trying to make ends meet, immigrants seeking asylum from torture, good Marines who made bad decisions, and business owners attempting to make sure their competitors play by the rules.

Through it all, I’ve consistently been humbled and amazed by the ability of law – when used properly – to right injustices in the world, one case at a time.  That’s why I’m embarking on this new adventure:  I believe in our system, I love practicing law, and I want to help people going through tough times who just need a good advocate.

Madia Law will focus on employment discrimination and civil rights.  I want to take on large corporations that unlawfully discriminate when making employment decisions and help those who have been wrongfully terminated.  Additionally, I want to address civil rights issues that are important to me, including those involving egregious cases of police brutality and excessive force.

The new website is and my new email address is

Thank you for your kindness and friendship.  I feel grateful and privileged to know you, and I look forward to speaking personally with you soon.

With warm regards,

J. Ashwin Madia