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Madia Newville Wins $300,000 for Victim of Public Accommodations Discrimination

“Miranda” went shopping for home furnishings with her mother and found some items that she liked. They purchased the items and arranged for delivery at Miranda’s apartment.

The deliverymen arrived the next day with the items and came inside Miranda’s apartment to install the merchandise. After installation, one of them went back to the truck while the other lingered. He kept asking Miranda personal questions and telling her that she was beautiful.  She asked him to leave. He then wrapped his arms around her from behind and started rocking back and forth. Miranda screamed and told him to get out. He quickly left.

After 2 years of litigation, both the store and delivery company agreed to settle the case – together, they paid nearly $300,000 to Miranda for the employee’s conduct. Maybe even more important, they agreed to change a number of policies and procedures – including policies on training and supervision – to ensure this kind of thing never happens again.

We were honored to represent Miranda – one of the bravest and strongest clients that we’ve had the privilege of helping.