Minnesota Employment Lawyers

“Life changing is the only way I can describe my experience with Madia Law. I had sent my case to several large firms, including a couple of TV. lawyers. They all said I had a case,  but it was not a slam dunk so they were not interested. Ashwin. took the case and there was no looking back. He was focused and dedicated to leaving no stone unturned.  His courtroom presence is felt by everyone in the room, he is truly a Marine.  Throughout all the motions filed and endless rounds of discovery over the course of two years did I ever feel like I was on the back burner one bit.  Several years have passed since our journey together, we are still in contact and he has helped me out making other professional contacts. I consider him my friend for life.”  – S.W., victim of retaliatory discrimination


“Five stars.  I am proud to recommend Mr. Madia for legal services.  It was a very difficult and stressful time for me and Ashwin calmly and professionally collected the information he needed to pursue and successfully complete a complex case.  Calls and messages were always returned and I never felt I was left hanging or my case wasn’t important.  When I was down and in a position I never wanted nor thought I’d be, at the end Ashwin got me to a better place.  He did a great job and I cannot thank him enough.”

– J.J., victim of age discrimination

“I was discriminated against because of my disability.  I could do my job just fine and I loved my job, but one day they had a meeting and told me I was being terminated because I couldn’t do the essential functions of my job.  They didn’t offer any reasonable accommodations, either.  I knew I could do my job but nobody would believe me.  Except Madia Law.  Madia Law took my case after several attorneys had already turned it down.  Madia Law took on the biggest law firm in Minnesota that was representing my employer and wouldn’t back down.  They always listened to me and kept me involved in the case.  Madia Law took lots of depositions of people who worked at my company, too.  Eventually, Madia Law beat my employer at summary judgment and they ended up settling with me for a lot of money.  Throughout the whole case, I really felt like Ashwin and Josh cared about me and my situation – I wasn’t just another case to them.  I strongly recommend Madia Law.”

– N.L., victim of disability discrimination

“During a wrongful raid of my home, a police officer jumped on my back and slammed my face on to the ground over and over again, even though I was handcuffed and had done nothing wrong.  My kids were screaming and crying and the officer used racial slurs while he beat me.  As a 115 pound female, I didn’t pose any threat to him at all – I just wanted to see the warrant.  Anyway, when it was all over, I wanted to hold him accountable for what he did to me.  I found Ashwin Madia and he fought for me.  He filed a lawsuit and – after a year and a half – the City finally settled me with me and I felt that justice was served.  Madia was a tough fighter for me and never gave up, even when the odds were long on my case.  I recommend him to anyone.”

– Z.R., victim of police brutality

“I wanted to be a police officer my whole life.  I finally got a job working for the City and I did great – for three years, I got nothing but positive reviews from everyone who worked with me.  They kept promoting me and giving me more and more responsibility.  After three years at the Police Department, I told my supervisor I was gay.  After that day, everything changed for me – they demoted me, took away assignments, initiated investigations against me, and gave me the worst possible performance evaluation.  It got so bad that I had to quit.  I am so glad that I found Josh and Ashwin at Madia Law. They took the Police Department to task for what they did – Madia Law did lots of depositions of my supervisors and peers and built a great record of evidence.  After Madia Law got my case past summary judgment, the Police Department finally settled.

– S.L., victim of sexual orientation discrimination

“Thank you for the invite to your firm’s happy hour event, for we really enjoyed ourselves last night! We met many wonderful people there and each and every one spoke so highly about you. We feel honored to even to be able to say we know you. Also, thank you for representing us in our case when everyone else turned us away, you inspired us so much that during that case my husband is now in his third year of college with plans to attend Hamlin law university. Yesterday was another motivational experience, we came home and saw that aside from the financial awards, the greatest award is the satisfaction of knowing you can make great changes in so many people’s lives. It was nice to meet Josh, you both seem to share similar visions and I’m positive you will both continue to prosper and continue to being inspirations to others. Thanks again for everything.”
L.& M., victims of consumer housing fraud