Sex Discrimination

Minnesota Sex Discrimination LawyersAre you treated differently at work than your peers just because of your gender?

Have you been denied a job or promotion because you’re a woman, even though you’re just as capable of doing the job as your male peers?

Are you a female being paid less money to do the same work as your male peers?

Madia Law Represents Victims of Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

If you answered “yes” to any one of the above questions, Madia Law can help. We represent gender discrimination victims in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eau Claire, Madison, and across the States of Wisconsin of Minnesota against some of the biggest corporations in the country.

Sex discrimination includes sexual harassment, such as inappropriate comments or touching (hostile work environment), unwanted sexual advances, or when managers or supervisors offer promotions, raises, or other work benefits in exchange for sexual favors.

However, gender discrimination also includes other conduct not covered by sexual harassment. For example, you are entitled to equal pay for equal work – if your male counterparts earn more than you for doing the same job, then you may have a claim for sex discrimination. Federal and state laws prohibiting sex discrimination also mean that – if you are capable of doing the job – you are entitled to full and fair consideration for every position and promotion as your male peers. This type of discrimination may be more difficult to spot than sexual harassment because it’s more subtle. It’s just as illegal, however – you have the right to come to work and do your job without gender discrimination of any kind.

You should also know that you are protected from retaliation by your employer if you report sex discrimination. It is illegal under Minnesota, Wisconsin, and federal statutes for an employer to terminate you, suspend you, or discipline you in any way because of your decision to report sex discrimination.

You May Be Entitled to Back Pay, Front Pay, and Treble Damages

If you have been the victim of sex discrimination, you may be entitled to back pay and front pay damages, emotional distress compensation, treble damages under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, punitive damages under Title VII, and your attorney fees and costs. In fact, Congress passed The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, which makes it easier for victims of gender discrimination to recover the back pay that they are owed – sometimes stretching over many years.

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