Sexual Harassment

Minnesota Sexual Harassment LawyersMadia Law Represents Victims of Sexual Harassment

Madia Law represents sexual harassment victims across the States of Minnesota and Wisconsin against some of the largest employers in the country.

Representative Case

Madia Law represented “Jennifer” (name changed for confidentiality reasons), a young woman who was sexually harassed by her supervisor of a period of months. Jennifer’s supervisor:

  • repeatedly bragged to her about his sexual endurance;
  • made vulgar comments about her physical appearance;
  • turned innocent conversations into sexual innuendo;
  • told Jennifer that she should leave her fiance to be with him;
  • told Jennifer to perform lap dances for him as he waived $20 bills at her;
  • repeatedly invaded Jennifer’s personal space;
  • insisted that Jennifer view pornography that he kept on his palm pilot phone; and
  • suggested that Jennifer wear a thong to work.

Even though this supervisor had engaged in sexual harassment at previous jobs, he was still hired. Madia Law sued both him and Jennifer’s employer for sexual harassment. Though the defendants fought the case tooth and nail for almost two years, they ultimately settled for $160,000.

Please note that every case is different, with its own unique facts. Just because Jennifer received that amount in her case does not mean that you will obtain the same amount in your case. You should contact Madia Law to discuss your sexual harassment case in detail and get an accurate assessment of its value.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment includes inappropriate comments or touching – that’s called a hostile work environment. It can also include unwanted sexual advances.  Minnesota, Wisconsin, and federal anti-discrimination statutes prevent hostile work environment type sexual harassment. You have the right to come to work and do your job without fear of being sexually harassed by your managers, supervisors, co-workers, or peers.

Sexual harassment also occurs when managers or supervisors offer promotions, raises, or other work benefits in exchange for sexual favors. This is called quid pro quo – or something for something – sexual harassment discrimination. Minnesota and federal laws guarantee that you have the right to do your job without propositions for sexual favors by your supervisors.

You should also know that you are protected from retaliation by your employer if you report sexual harassment. It is illegal under Minnesota, Wisconsin, and federal statutes for an employer to terminate you or otherwise change the conditions of your employment because of your decision to report sexual harassment.

You May Be Entitled to Back Pay, Front Pay, Punitive Damages, and Attorney Fees

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, you may be entitled to back pay and front pay damages, emotional distress compensation, treble damages under the Minnesota Human Rights Act, punitive damages under Title VII, and your attorney fees and costs.

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